Friday, 5 June 2015


Lauren Conrad.  We love her.  You love her?  You should love her.  This time Anne and I talked a lot about those early days when Lauren had very blonde hair, very Jason-esque dating tendencies, and whether or not Heidi could have been "saved".  It was a lot of fun.  Also it's our tenth episode!  We deserve cake, or a Chanel bag. 

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  1. Getting the 'accidental mullet survivor' t-shirts printed now!

  2. Haha love this podcast! I became a bit obsessed with this show and I've watched most of the spin offs (Laguna Beach, The City..) Lauren being Whitney's Heidi - break through!!!!! And Justin Bobby - the man is so great that he needs two names. I'm pretty sure if you slapped Audrena's face with a fish her facial reactions wouldn't change at all.
    Remember Krissssten? Did anybody like her?! I remmeber watching one episode of Laguna Beach with her and Stephen in it - they all went camping in the middle of no where and Lauren tagged along begrudgingly. All through the episode the only thing you could hear was "STEEEEPHEN! STEEERREEEVEEENN nooo STEEEEVEEEPHEEN" I think he ended up dressing as a bear and walking into Lauren's tent, making Kristen fuuuurious!