Friday, 31 July 2015


While in Milan recently we visited Fondazione Prada, an art gallery space where Wes Anderson has designed a cafe.  This is Bar Luce, and it's a bit of a stunner.  Rather than being a pristine, untouched set or installation, this is a working cafe where you can have cocktails, cakes, sandwiches and coffee.  It's undoubtedly got the very recognisable thumbprint of Mr. Anderson, from the pastel pink and mint green colour palette (which extends to the soft iced sponge cakes displayed in glass cabinets under the bar) to the beautiful pinball machines.  One is dedicated to Life Aquatic's Steve Zissou, the other to a short film called Castello Cavalcanti which starred Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver who crashes, quite literally, into a sleepy Italian village.  As huge Anderson fans this was a very special place for us to visit, and to spend an hour or so in an accessible part of the Anderson world.  But also it's just a lovely cafe.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Here's our new video for our next single. 'You're Gone'.  I had a lot of fun being green for a day, sticky blood all around my mouth, hanging out with some brilliant women from the Croydon and London Rockin' Rollers roller derby teams.  Also a lot of people are saying Jeremy looks like Vector from Despicable Me in this video which pleases me greatly as I've always said the resemblence is uncanny.  Thank you as well to Melissa Pierce who did this awesome illustration of me as a Zombie last night.  Isn't she the best?

Sunday, 19 July 2015


I watch a lot of fashion documentaries.  And yes I also watch The City and Kell On Earth every couple of years because they're just that good.  I'm going to do a post about my favourites soon, but to tide you over till then I recommend spending some time with Anna Wintour in the year 2000 when she was still a brunette, The September Issue was a long way away, and she wasn't obsessed with big floral prints.  Speaking of The September Issue it's lovely to not only see Anna all those years ago, but also how many of the same gang were at Vogue way back in 2000.  It shows that success is so often about building a strong team as much as it's about one person's vision.  She also tells the camera that she tries to be decisive even when she has no idea what she's doing as it's helpful for other people.  I'm going to try and do that more.  And of course she wakes up at 5.45 and plays tennis everyday blah blah blah.  I know a lot of that from when my sister worked for her and had to get her a steak every day, but that's a story for another time...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


We LOVE The Wicked +The Divine, our favourite superhero/rock god comic from Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen. So we were very flattered when they asked us to use our song Pink Summer on the trailer for their new book. <3 u guys.  Also we're playing Latitude on Friday and Truck and Saturday, hopefully see some of you there! 

Friday, 10 July 2015


Apologies if these photos are OFN, I only saw them a couple of days ago, but they've been swimming about the internet for a while.  Actually they've been swimming around the world for a while since all these were taken in around 1908 by Etheldreda Laing.  Back then photography was one of the rare art forms that was considered a "suitable" creative endeavour for women, although Laing couldn't really walk around her home town of Ely taking photos of strangers, so she used her two daughters as models.  These were all done using a process called autochrome which was very tricky, but clearly Laing was something of a master.  It's so unusual to see colour images from this period, I was surprised by the colours of their clothes - pink shoes!  Puple smocks! - and that parasol.  Wow.  These were mostly taken in the grounds of her house, which is now Headington Library and her gardens a public park.  I challenge someone to go back there and recreate these shots.  Now. Do it.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


You can't be in a band called Summer Camp and not be a fan of patches and pennants and pins.  The few times I went to Brownie and Guide camp I didn't really take to the idea of having fun in tents, but then I would watch Bug Juice and realise it's because for camp to be really great you needed to sleep in cabins.  In hot weather.  And have counsellors you can try and emulate/fall in love with.  I guess I'm too old to do camp now (although they do have ones for adults, but that seems a bit detox-y and going off the grid-y to me).  However the brilliant Explorers Press make merchendise for my fantasy camp.  Their Lapel Pins, below, with the one that looks a lot like the crystal ball emoji, are a bit spooky and trade slightly in existential crisis.  A very Wednesday Addams kind of camp.  See also their Nowhere Pennant, above, and their beautiful Headed Somewhere signet ring.  This is for people who consider themselves outdoors types, but mainly when it involves calling the corners.

Or for Kill Bill wannabes, maybe their People To Kill Sketchbook appeals?  Imagine taking that out on the tube, I'd enjoy sparking off a lot of troubling thoughts in peoples' heads.  That would stop the person next to you from taking up a seat with with their bag, or spreading their legs so wide you're knee to knee.  Ugh hate those people.  They're definitely on my list.  Arya Stark style.