Sunday, 5 July 2015


You can't be in a band called Summer Camp and not be a fan of patches and pennants and pins.  The few times I went to Brownie and Guide camp I didn't really take to the idea of having fun in tents, but then I would watch Bug Juice and realise it's because for camp to be really great you needed to sleep in cabins.  In hot weather.  And have counsellors you can try and emulate/fall in love with.  I guess I'm too old to do camp now (although they do have ones for adults, but that seems a bit detox-y and going off the grid-y to me).  However the brilliant Explorers Press make merchendise for my fantasy camp.  Their Lapel Pins, below, with the one that looks a lot like the crystal ball emoji, are a bit spooky and trade slightly in existential crisis.  A very Wednesday Addams kind of camp.  See also their Nowhere Pennant, above, and their beautiful Headed Somewhere signet ring.  This is for people who consider themselves outdoors types, but mainly when it involves calling the corners.

Or for Kill Bill wannabes, maybe their People To Kill Sketchbook appeals?  Imagine taking that out on the tube, I'd enjoy sparking off a lot of troubling thoughts in peoples' heads.  That would stop the person next to you from taking up a seat with with their bag, or spreading their legs so wide you're knee to knee.  Ugh hate those people.  They're definitely on my list.  Arya Stark style. 

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  1. I love Explorer's Press so much! I've been eying a bunch of their enamel pins for my jacket~