Friday, 21 August 2015


Had a great day out in Margate this week with a sea swimmer I know and love.  We went to Grayson Perry's Provincial Punk at the Turner Contemporary - he's my favourite artist by a million miles at the moment, and this exhibition is perfect for Margate's re-invention.  He depicts Britain as it really is, not an idealistic or America aping version.  Which is also what I admired about Dreamland, Margate's brushed up vintage pleasure park.  We were so impressed by the details, it's typography heaven, and a beautifully executed update on the good old British seaside day out.  Parents can buy their kids Dream Car driver outfits, complete with tweed flat caps, white cotton work coats and yellow rosettes.  We watched a high dive, there is a ferris wheel from which you can survey the Kent coastline.  Fish and chips and 99 Flakes are sold from little huts - the place lives up to it's name.   It's exciting to see an area change dramatically in such a short space of time, and in such a careful way.  It's not huge luxury apartment blocks sprouting up, it's a modern re-invention of a classic.  I could talk about it all day.  We went to Forts for lunch and had smoked mackrel and bubble and squeak on the patio looking out at the sea, it was perfect.

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