Friday, 18 September 2015


After doing a deep cut on Ms. Waldorf's outfits last week I had a go at putting together something similar to what she wears.  I was thrilled/concerned to realise I had all the neccessary components for a Blair outfit already in my wardrobe.  Does that mean I'm supposed to be with a sniffy American business entrepreneur with emotional issues and a love of bow ties?!  I hope not.  The cape is from Sister Jane last year, the kilt and shirt are ASOS (similar here), and the loafers are from Next.  The bow hairband is the closest I'll ever get to wearing a beret, Blair has way more dedication to hats and head wear than I do.  I have to say, as outfit recreations go, this is one I'd be pretty happy to wear more than once.  Although it does feel a lot like a school uniform, but hey - it is September.


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