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The lives (and wardrobes) of three bored women in a small town in Massachusets are completely changed by the arrival of a very rich and mysterious stranger.  Then then play a nuts game of tennis.  Witches Of Eastwick, based on the 1984 novel by John Updike, is a movie I can watch over and over again.  Mainly because of the golden triangle of Cher, Susan and Michelle.  And also because of their extremely excellent hair.  I wanted to cover their outfits this week because they're great inspiration for a squad goals worthy Halloween costume.  You just need to rope in a couple of pals -  it's also pretty fun to dress as Jack Nicholson in the film, you just need a tuxedo with long shorts instead of trousers, and high top sneakers.  Oh, and a teeny ponytail.  

Look at that gold strapless dress Sarandon is wearing.  Bloody 'ell.

OK, let's start at the beginning.  When we first meet the ladies they're looking like this: Susan AKA Jane is very, very buttoned up.  Her hair is tightly pulled back into a long braid, and after recently getting divorced she is mourning the end of her relationship, filling her days with her job as a music teacher, and her evenings with movie nights sat next to her two best friends.

I do really like that maxi skirt with matching braces/suspenders she's wearing when she's conducting.

Then we have Cher AKA Alex, an artist who wears a lot of black and comfortable jersey clothing, and just seems highly uninspired by the goings on in the town of Eastwick.  She does dress well though.  She likes cowboy boots with tracksuit trousers and maxi skirts with crop tops that tie up at the front.

Finally we have Sukie.  Sukie is the youngest of the three women, she's living alone with five blue-eyed blonde children in a perfect country house, and also has a job at the local paper.  She's understandably completely knackered.  Sukie lives in pastels, pretty dresses, and sleeveless blouses.  I remember that this was exactly how my mum dressed in the '80s, even the glasses.

 But then, after meeting this guy....

All three of them undergo a change in their outlooks and style.  But the person who is the most altered has to be Jane, the tightly wound cellist.  Sarandon explodes on the screen, she's stunning to look at.  I love what happens to her.  It's probably one of the best style transformations to ever happen in a film, and Jane is one of the best looking characters in film, ever.

I mean, BAM.

There was a lot of tension on set because the part of Alex was promised to both Susan and Cher, and I think Susan had to back down.  But I'm so glad she ended up being Jane, she's blissful to watch.  My favourite of her outfits is when she's walking around the supermarket eating pickles straight out the jar (something I also enjoy doing), wearing an orange and purple dress, pumps with white frilly socks and Jane's trademark mirrored sunglasses.

Damn, that makeup too.

Alex's change is less dramatic but still there's a lot to enjoy.  For example she starts wearing pigtails, dungarees with a white vest, and this high-necked white shirt thing that looks a bit military and a bit Brian May.  But, you know, good.

Bleurgh cherries.

Sukie sticks to her pastels but also starts wearing a hat, and also awesome silky pyjamas with her pristine white keds.   It really works for her.  Also I cannot get enough of Michelle's face in this film, man oh man, what a face she has.

As with all good friends, they look best when they're hanging out together and dressing together.  In silky robes and pyjamas.  Also HAIR, HAIR, HAIR.

Another classic Jane moment is when she's wearing a gold skirt, a matching gold top, and gold shoes.  Especially because her hair is also quite #gold.

Alex's white boho look and sandals here is noteworthy and requires copying.

See also Sukie's glum normcore look and Jane's "I'm an aerobic instructor who smokes, get over it" vibe. 

By the end of the film they've all found a middle ground between who they were and who that guy encouraged them to become.  Jane is wearing her glasses again, but looks much more free in her culrs and white slinky cardigan.  Sukie is keeping the baggy monotone shirts, thanks very much.  And Alex has dug out this rad bit of chunky knitwear. 


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