Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I wrote about The Craft (again), this time for Noisey.  

Teenagers, and in particular teenage girls, have always been connected to magic and witchcraft. In Massachusetts in the 1690s it wasn't middle-aged men who had their urine baked into a witch cake by the town and fed to a dog in order to see if they were Satan's slaves. (Yes this actually happened). The power of a young woman who is discovering herself and her strengths, has always been considered a threat: To other women, to men dismayed by their feelings towards those women, and to society at large. Basically, the world can't handle our periods or our boobs, so they call us witches. Ironically instead of this making teenagers shy away from all things coven-based, they're often drawn to it—“We are the weirdos, Mister,” snarls Nancy to a mystified bus driver. 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016



Pretty much any time you see an illustration in some way affiliated to us, it will be the work of Julia Scheele.  She's done T-shirts, posters and the cover of our fanzine.  You know in 'Friends' when Monica gets two jobs making food for funerals and she says, "It's like I am the official caterer for that accident!"?  Well, Julia is the official illustrator for all our accidents.  She's currently doing a project where she does illustrations to go with her favourite songs of 2015, and we were chuffed to have 'Angela' on that list.  Hence the above.  Julia told me she based these prom outfits on what Rose McGowan wore in 'Jawbreaker' (such an underrated movie) and what Larisa Oleynik wore in '10 Things I Hate About You' (such an understandably respected movie).  Check out Julia's Tumblr for the other songs and their illustrations. 

Monday, 4 January 2016



The first season of Fargo was brilliant, the second one has surpassed it.  (Although I haven't finished watching yet, so maybe they completely mess up the last few episodes.  Somehow I doubt that).  All the characters are well written, and there are no sloppy performances, but I will always have a particular soft spot for Dunst.  As the beautician with dreams Peggy Blomquist, she manages to be both appealing and completely infuriating - I have been shouting at the TV a lot.  I also like her trying-to-be-a-fashionista-in-a-small-town style, and her hoarding of magazines is something I can definitely relate to.