Monday, 7 March 2016



Do you remember the episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' when Suzy offers Larry a tour of her new home and he turns her down?  Well I would never turn down a house tour, especially not when it's modernist real estate in Palm Springs.  We were lucky to be visiting during the week when members of the public are allowed to shuffle through two show houses designed by Christopher Kennedy, renowned local interior designer.  Kennedy works with the home owners and other designers to show off their talents.

A major draw is the fact the houses back onto the fairway of the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, a favorite of Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney and Bob Hope.  They were built in the late '60s and so are ideal for any fans of architecture of that period.  AKA everyone.  I took many, many photos, although I don't think much of this decoration would work for my house.  I worry that I couldn't get away with having a bell for the pool boy on pink and green tropical wallpaper in my London bathroom.  And my family and friends would probably be concerned if I put a huge photo of a horse on our living room wall and painted the bedroom hot pink and neon orange.  However, it was very interesting to see the buildings themselves, so open and clean in design, and the colourful interiors were extremely Palm Springs, which is a good thing.

I also enjoyed listening to couples argue over whether or not they could have a huge white head with black eyes in their master bedroom.  It was a no.

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